RFID Cards

Your RFID Card is the key to getting on the snow, easily accessing resort funds, and enjoying your time on the mountain.  Keep the below guide handy and don’t forget, you can reload your card at anytime and cards never expire.

Purchase or Reload Card
RFID Lift Ticket Guide
Know Before You Go

Below you’ll find important steps that will guide you through the RFID Lift Ticket process.  Here are a few things that you should know before you hit the slopes this Winter.

  • All guests are required to have a valid lift ticket/area use pass or season pass for skiing and snowboarding.
  • An additional $5 fee is included in your first ticket purchase for your reloadable RFID card. Do not throw this card away, your card can be reloaded for future ticket purchases.
  • Reloading your RFID Card will save you time and money as you won’t need to stop at a Pick Up Box or Ticket Window for a new card before skiing or riding.
  • Tickets can be picked up in advance of the day you want to visit if preferred.
  • Note, there are no refunds for purchased tickets.  Tickets are issued for a specific day and are valid on the day selected only.  Transfers to another day result in an additional fee.
Purchase Your Lift Ticket Or Season Pass

Shop online before you get here and purchase a new card or reload an existing one.

Pick Up Your RFID Card

After purchasing your RFID Card for the first time, pick up your new card at one of our Pickup Kiosks found conveniently around the resort. Use the scanner at the Kiosk to scan the QR code at the top left corner of your purchase confirmation email. Your RFID card will be printed with your tickets pre-loaded.

Keep Your RFID Card In A Coat Pocket

Place your RFID in a coat pocket by itself. Make sure there are no cell phones, credit cards, or other items in the same pocket, as these can interfere with the RFID signal. Only carry one RFID card at a time.

Entering The RFID Gates

With your RFID Card in your coat pocket, approach the gate. Once detected, the gates will automatically open and allow lift access.

Reuse Your RFID Card For Future Visits

One great feature about RFID Cards is they work for as long as you have them. In our webstore, you’ll find options with every product to reload items back on to an existing card so you can save money on cards and skip the ticket window!

6: Lost or Damaged Cards

Lost or damaged RFID Cards and Season Passes will require a $5 replacement fee. Do not purposely alter your cards, punch holes in, or damage a card as it will affect its reliability when scanning.


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